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The Dallas International Girls Cup, along with its organizers, Premier International Tours and the Dallas Texans, have partnered with the Dallas chapter of United Nations Association (UNA) to support the Nothing But Nets campaign for the second year. This campaign raises money to send mosquito nets to Africa, protecting families from malaria. Malaria is spread by a single mosquito bite, and these nets can be used to save lives.

This year, local businesses pledged money for every goal scored, which was matched by Premier International Tours, the Dallas Texans, and UNA Dallas members, and further bolstered by other local supporters. As a result, the event raised enough money to deliver 185 nets to families in need!

The 2015 Dallas International Girls Cup is hoping to raise more money to send more mosquito nets to Africa, to help save even more lives. The Nothing But Nets campaign will have a tent at the Ross Stewart soccer complex during the tournament playing days. Please stop by if you would like to donate or just simply get more information on this campaign.

For more information check and the tournament Facebook page at:

About Nothing But Nets

Nothing But Nets is a global, grassroots campaign to save lives by preventing malaria, a leading killer of children in sub-Saharan Africa. Inspired by sports columnist Rick Reilly, hundreds of thousands of people have joined the campaign that was created by the United Nations Foundation in 2006. Since then, Nothing But Nets has raised more than $50 million to help deliver more than 7.5 million bednets to families in need. Campaign partners include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Major League Soccer’s MLS W.O.R.K.S., the National Basketball Association’s NBA Cares, and Junior Chamber International, among others. It costs $10 to purchase and deliver an insecticide-treated bednet, provide education on its proper use, and provide other malaria reduction interventions that can prevent this deadly disease. Visit to send a net and save a life.

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