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IberCup Estoril to invite top US/Canadian Teams to 2018 Tournament

Our partners with the IberCup are offering the top finishing United States or Canadian teams in the 2002 and 2000 age categories a free trip to the IberCup Estoril 2018 in Portugal! The tournament will take place July 1 – 7, 2018 and will feature top teams from all over the world!

The free trip includes the tournament fee, ground transportation, accommodations in a local school dormitory for 18 players and 4 team leaders, full board meals, and a minimum of 4 matches.

Offer is available for up to 18 players and 4 coaches/team leaders per team. Airfare not included, but can be booked through Premier International Tours. Accommodations can be upgraded to hotels for a small surcharge. Parents and fans can book transportation and accommodations through Premier International Tours.

For more information about the IberCup Estoril - check out the IberCup website at:

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