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Featured Team: Stevenage Girls

The Dallas International Girls Cup is excited to welcome first time competitors Stevenage Girls from England! Last year, Stevenage Girls won three national titles as well as county cup, league cup, and 11 tournaments. In the last three years, the team has been unbeaten in over 200 games. Though they may be new to the Dallas International Girls Cup, Stevenage is familiar with the world of international youth soccer competition. They have played teams from the USA, Denmark, Australia, and Germany in the last few years. The team is excited to face off against the competition in the 2004 age category in the Dallas International Girls Cup. Stevenage Girls will also take part in the Dallas International Girls Cup HomeStay program, where they will be hosted by a local club from the Dallas area. For local Dallas teams interested in the HomeStay program, please contact Mickie Piechowski at or call the Dallas International Girls Cup office at 303-768-0891 for more information. To play against teams like Stevenage Girls, apply online today at The official application deadline is February 10, 2019.

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