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DIGC Featured Team: Viking FK

Viking FK is from the city of Stavanger which is the 4th largest city in Norway and mostly known as the Oil and Gas Capital of Norway. Stavanger is home to approximately 300,000 people and it is the Headqarters of Nato in Northern Europe.

As a club, Viking FK has a long history of success on the men’s side and are among the most winning teams in the history of the national league. Over the past year, Viking FK has supported the development of girls and is gradually developing an A team for ladies which is currently playing in the second division in Norway. This young team has an average age of only 17 years old and already shows much promise. Four of the players are already competing on national teams.

Viking FK will be sending a team of 15 girls traveling to play in the Dallas International Girls Cup in the 2003 age category. Last year the team won their local league and regional championship as well as both the Adidas Cup (which is the unofficial Norwegian championship) and the Dana Cup. They finished the season last year undefeated.

The team is looking forward to traveling to the USA, which will be a first for many, meeting their host families, and competing against top teams in the USA.

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