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Dallas International Girls Cup 2022; a massive success

During the Easter week we hosted our signature event, the Dallas International Girls Cup. This year we had more teams participating then ever; 180 teams from 12 states and 5 different countries.

Our opening ceremony took place in the CU Texas Trust Theatre with 6,000+ seats. An entertaining show took place with music, video presentations and dance, topped off with an interview with Tracey Kevins, US U20 National Team Coach.

The Tournament Champions this year are Dallas Texans 03/04 ECNL, Sting SC Dallas Royal ECNL 05G, Dallas Texans GU16 ECNL, Dallas Texans 07 Girls Academy ECNL, Club Solar SC ECNL 08 GU14, FC Sporting Pre-NPL Pumas 09G, Dallas Texans 10G Dallas, DKSC 11G Badtop, DKSC 12G Esquivel, AlphaForms 13G and DKSC 14G ESQUIVEL.


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