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Share the excitement of WORLD CLASS COMPETITION

The Dallas International Girls Cup offers world class competition at all levels. Many of the world’s premier clubs will participate in the tournament. Girls teams from the Dallas Texans, the #1 youth club in the U.S., will compete, and the top clubs in the U.S., Canada, Europe, South America and Asia will be invited to apply and compete.

General Tournament Format

  • Tournament Dates: April 8 - 12, 2020 (some games may begin for local teams the evening of April 7).

  • 12-28 teams per age category.

  • Girls born on/after January 1, 2001/2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. Because there are different age category cut-off dates, dispensation may be given to players from English teams who are born on/after September 1 of the previous year.

  • All teams need to apply for the tournament and the best teams (determined by a tournament committee) that apply will be invited to participate.  

  • The Homestay program is available at no charge for international teams outside Canada.

  • The tournament is open to all international teams and US teams that are official members of a USSF affiliate organization such as US Club Soccer or US Youth Soccer. All players must be officially registered members of your club.

  • Teams will play a minimum of 3 full group/bracket games Wednesday through Friday. Quarter final and semi final games take place on Saturday. Finals are played on Sunday. 

  • International teams need to arrive by Monday, April 6th at the latest. US (Out of State) and Canadian soccer teams need to arrive by Tuesday, April 7th at the latest. Departure will be Sunday, April 12th and Monday, April 13th.


World Class Referees

The Dallas International Girls Cup will partner with the Dallas Cup to bring in top referees from around the world for this tournament. The Dallas Cup "Referee Family" is considered by many to be the world’s best for a youth tournament. World Class referees, many of whom are FIFA referees with past World Cup appointments, take part in the tournament.


College Coaches

College coaches from across the United States consider the Dallas International Girls Cup as one of North America’s premier tournaments and an opportunity to scout top prospects competing at world class levels. In 2019 more than 100 college soccer coaches came to the Dallas International Girls Cup.


Accommodations & Local Transportation

Additional information will be available on the website when the application process begins.

All accepted/participating teams from the U.S. and Canada are required to book rooms at one of the designated Dallas International Girls Cup hotels. Hotels and rates are determined and posted to the tournament website during the application process.


Team Registration/Check In Process

All teams are required to check in on Tuesday, April 7th.

More information to follow regarding times and locations of check in/team registration.

Note: International soccer teams must have their players' passports available at registration (can be copies).


Homestay Program

International soccer teams (except Canada) are eligible to participate in the Homestay Program with families from local Dallas teams who are also competing in the tournament. The Homestay Program covers a maximum of 18 players for a maximum stay of 8 nights. International soccer teams that are approved for the Home Stay program are required to arrive in Dallas on Monday, April 6th, before the tournament begins and depart from Dallas on Monday, April 13th.


The Homestay Program, at no cost to the international teams, includes sleeping arrangements, two (2) meals per day and transportation to/from the airport and tournament fields for the players. In some cases the local Dallas families may drop the players off at the tournament headquarter hotel where a tournament shuttle is provided to/from the fields. The international team is responsible for the cost of the meals, transportation, and hotel rooms for all adults, supporters, etc. (this is a stay to play tournament so they will be required to stay at one of the Dallas International Girls Cup designated hotels). The team is also responsible for any additional meals for the players and all entertainment costs for the entire delegation.


The Homestay Program will not exceed 8 nights. If travel plans call for arrival or departure dates other than those mentioned, the international team is responsible for all additional expenses related to the players sleeping arrangements and meals prior to the Homestay Program beginning or after the date of conclusion of the program. International teams requesting the Homestay Program must indicate this request on their application form in the “Additional Comments” section of the application.  International teams must also indicate if they will still participate if the Homestay Program is not available.



The tournament will take place at the Ross Stewart Soccer Complex in Farmers Branch, Texas (close to Dallas, TX) including six world class soccer fields (with lights), a club house and parking facilities. In addition to the Ross Stewart Soccer Complex, games will also take place at the Cox Soccer fields (3 grass soccer fields) and McInnish Park (2 grass fields and one turf). Please note that there are not changing rooms/locker rooms available at the fields for teams to use and there are not bleachers or spectator seating at all field locations. Teams and spectators are permitted to put up tents as long as the tents are NOT staked into the fields. 


Pin/Pennant Exchange

Because this is an international event, it is common for teams to exchange pennants or perhaps small gifts (pens, pins, etc.) when playing an international opponent. 

Dallas Texans

Host club of this event is the Dallas Texans which is ranked the #1 youth soccer club in the United States with 18,000 players and 700 teams. Some of the Dallas Texans success includes:



  • ECNL Conference Champions

  • 30+ National Finalists

  • 40+ Region III Champions

  • 60+ Region III Finalists

  • 100+ Region III Appearances

  • 120+ NTX State Cup Titles

  • 10X Dallas Cup Champions

  • 5X Gothia Cup Champions

  • MUFC Nike Cup Champions

  • Dana Cup Champions

  • Helsinki Cup Champions

  • San Marino Cup Champions

  • MUPC World Finals 2013


Schedule of Events


Monday, April 6th

All day: Arrival of international teams. Check in local teams and international teams upon arrival.

Tuesday, April 7th

All day: Arrival of U.S. and Canadian teams. Check-in all teams.

Afternoon: Some tournament games may be played for local teams only. 
Evening: Opening Ceremony for all players, staff and parents - 8:00PM. 

Wednesday, April 8th

All day: 9am - 10pm, First round tournament games (group games) and vendor fair at the Ross Stewart Soccer Complex.

Evening: International coaches and team manager's reception at the Omni Hotel.

Thursday, April 9th

All day: 9am - 10pm, Continuation of group games and vendor fair at the Ross Stewart Soccer Complex.


Friday, April 10th

All day: 9am - 10pm, Final day of group games as well as vendor fair at the Ross Stewart Soccer Complex.


Saturday, April 11th

All day: 9:00am - 7:30pm, Quarterfinal and semifinal games and friendly games. Vendor fair at Ross Stewart Soccer Complex.


Sunday, April 12st

All day: 9am - 3pm, Finals, friendly games, and vendor fair.

Monday, April 13th

All day: Departure of teams.


For USA Teams - If your players' school requires an excused absence form, please check the "Check in Info" section of the website and click "Important Documents".



Contact Information and Staff

The 2020 Dallas International Girls Cup is hosted by the Dallas Texans and organized in partnership with Premier International Tours (PIT).

Tournament Director: Loek van Zijl (PIT)
Referee Coordinator: Tim Debysingh and John Navarro III

Dallas International Girls Cup
C/O Premier International Tours
17838 E. Easter Pl.
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Loek van Zijl

Phone: 1 (800) 724-6076
International: (001) 303-768-0891
Fax: (303) 768-0756
E-mail: mike@premierinternationaltours.com 
Web: www.premierinternationaltours.com/soccer or www.dallastexans.com