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Team check-in for  the 2024 Dallas Texans International Girls Cup will be done online through GotSport.  

An email will be sent out from GotSport once online check-in is open.


Below is provisional information and instructions for online check-in and this information will be updated closer to the tournament date. Check in deadline is March 8th, 2024.

(*details for Game Day At-The-Field Check-In are below)

Instructions for U.S. and Canadian teams for online check-in:

Following items will be needed for online check-in:


1) Official Team Roster

  • U.S. teams: This must be a USYS, US Club Soccer or GA approved roster.

  • Canadian teams: This must be a Provincial Association approved roster.

  • ALL teams need to print out 7 copies of this tournament roster before the tournament and will need to present a roster to the referee before each match. The rosters will be frozen Thursday March 21st at 600PM ET. Teams must print these 7 copies Tuesday March 24th, 2024. Please make sure you print out the roster you have uploaded using the system. We will cross check these rosters randomly. 

2) Permission to travel (only for USYS teams and Canadian teams)

  • USYS teams:  Only USYS teams from outside North Texas need to submit this and only if your USYS State Association gives you the permission to travel to a US Club Soccer only sanctioned tournament. Please contact your USYS State office right away to check this.

  • Canadian teams: This needs to be a permission to travel form from your Provincial Association/Federation.

3) Player ID cards/passes

  • U.S. teams: All players must be carded under the same organization (USYS, US Club Soccer), however guest players may be carded under a different US Soccer Affiliate.

  • Canadian teams: This must be player ID cards issued by your Provincial Association/Federation.  

  • Coach/team manager needs to have all player ID cards with him/her on the sideline for all games.

4) Tournament waiver form with signatures from each player/parent or guardian, team manager and coach (can be signed digitally.

5) Guest player loan forms for any guest players.

  • For US Club teams these players need to be written in as guest players on your US Club roster as well.

    You can get guest player loan forms from US Club Soccer:

  • For USYS teams you can get guest player forms from your club registrar, your USYS State Association or from the club/team from which you are borrowing players.

  • Canadian teams: please contact your Provincial Association/Federation for this form.

6) Signed Homestay Agreement for any local North Texas team hosting an international team.


Submission process:

1) SCAN each document to your computer.

2) SAVE each document type as an individual PDF to your computer as they will be uploaded separately.

  • Please use descriptive titles so you will know which files to upload.

  • Please upload all player ID cards as one PDF document.

3) UPLOAD the documents to GotSport

  • To upload documents into your GotSport account, please follow the instructions provided here. 

  • Please note that each upload can only be 1 file.  Multiple files can NOT be uploaded per file field.


Instructions for international teams:

All international teams (except Canadian teams) will receive an e-mail from the Tournament Organizers with items/documents needed to complete team check-in.

Rosters will be frozen on Thursday, March 21st at 5PM.  No changes to your roster can be done after this date. 


Game Day At-The-Field Check-In:

After Friday, March 22nd or before your first game, each team will print out their match cards in GotSport. 
Directions are below. 


Log in to your GotSport Account

Click on team management

Click on Matches

Click on Event-Choose Dallas Texans International Girls Cup-Search

Your 3 games will be listed

Click on the 3 dots next to each game and choose Print Match card. Print one for all 3 games.  


 You will present your match card and player cards for your starting players to the referee before each game for check-in at the field.  As you have substitutions, the player will give their player card to the referee as they enter the field.  Player cards must be all of the same affiliation as the roster you presented.   All US Club, USYS, USSSA, or players cards printed from GotSport/DTIGC Event


Starting player and substitutions for each age group will be as follows:


2012-2005    11v11    11 starting players, 7 subs per half

2014-2013     9v9       9 starting players, unlimited subs per half

2016-2015     7v7       7 starting player, unlimited subs per half


Match cards for advancement games will be provided by U90C. 

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