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2020 Dallas International Girls Cup Featured Team

Featured International Team - VV Alkmaar U15

The Dallas International Girls Cup is excited to announce the participation of the Dutch team, VV Alkmaar U15 at the 2020 tournament! VV Alkmaar U15 is from Alkmaar, Netherlands, north of Amsterdam metropolis. VV Alkmaar runs a Soccer Academy where they train elite talented players and have the possibility to combine school with training and playing matches. This team performs at the highest level in their region, therefore they compete against boy-teams. Girls on the team are also selected for the U14 National Team.

We look forward to watching them compete at the 2020 Dallas International Girls Cup!

We expect more international teams to commit in the coming week

Your team can be a part of the largest international girls soccer tournament in the US! For more information and to register visit:

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