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Dallas Texans International Girls Cup (DTIGC) 2024: A Time for Her

Dallas, Texas - April 5, 2024 - The Dallas Texans International Girls Cup (DTIGC) once again

illuminated the soccer world as a beacon of opportunity and excellence. Held in Farmer's

Branch, Texas, this event embodied our steadfast commitment to celebrating the prowess and

passion of young female athletes from around the globe. DTIGC provided a stage for these

remarkable young women to shine.

From the outset, the DTIGC 2024 was a testament to the dedication and skill of its participants.

Twelve states and six countries converged in Farmer's Branch, Texas, with 68 clubs competing

fiercely for victory. Over the course of the tournament, a staggering 481 games unfolded, each

one a testament to the talent and determination of the athletes.

"This is Her Time," echoes throughout the DTIGC, symbolizing a moment of empowerment and

triumph for every young woman who takes the field. It's a time for her to show up for her

country, to represent her team, and to showcase her unwavering dedication to the beautiful

game. It's a time for her goals, her glory, and her greatness to take center stage.

The atmosphere in Farmer's Branch, Texas, was electric as teams battled for supremacy.

Amidst the intense competition, moments of sportsmanship and camaraderie flourished,

reminding us all of the values that unite us on and off the field.

As the tournament unfolded, two international teams emerged victorious, adding an extra layer

of excitement and global flavor to the DTIGC. Fortuna Hjørring from Denmark clinched the U17

championship, while Tigres Femenil from Mexico triumphed in the U18/19 division. Their

victories exemplify the international prestige and competitiveness of the DTIGC.

"This is Her Time," resonates with every participant, coach, and spectator who witnessed the

magic of the DTIGC 2024. It's a rallying cry for empowerment, representation, and achievement

in the world of women's soccer.

For more information and updates on the Dallas Texans International Girls Cup, please visit or follow us on social media. @dallasinternationalgirlscup


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